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Review: “The Results of Unrequited” hits hard

By Nickey Siegerman
Staff Writer

On Nov. 14, the third book from “The Science of Unrequited” series was released, making it the third of four to be released in 2018. After being left with a cliffhanger in July from the ending of “The Solution of Unrequited,” Len Webster makes sure to start book three with a bang.
In the first book, “The Theory of Unrequited,” we learned about our main characters, Alex “AJ” Parker and Evan Gilmore, and how they grew up as each other’s best friends. The book follows their senior year of high school and freshman year of college. After realizing she was in love with Evan and thinking he didn’t love her back, Alex decides to forgo her acceptance to Stanford and go as far away from Evan as possible for college: Duke University.
In book two, “The Solution to Unrequited,” Evan finds Alex at Duke after not telling him where she was for nearly three months, and the two road trip back to their hometown of Brookline, Mass. During this trip, they each explain their feelings and why they made the choices they did during senior year of high school, including Alex hiding from Evan.

Now, for book three, we have a major time jump, going from fall break of freshman year to late winter of sophomore year. Alex’s life is completely different now that she and Evan haven’t spoken for over a year and a half.

While we follow Alex and her new relationship, her studies to become a famous physicist and her friendship with her roommate Savannah, we learn more about the abrupt year and a half gap between the novels. Evan promised he would wait, broke his promise and left behind a heartbroken Alex.

We follow Alex through the novel picking up the pieces of her heart because Evan never responded to her. We watch her struggle her way through the second half of her freshman year of college and how she handles knowing Evan met her.

While Webster’s first published series, the “Thirty-Eight Series,” powerfully captured the pain of unrequited love, this novel did an even better job at capturing such real and raw emotions.

A fun Easter egg for Webster fans is that Alex is the daughter of the main characters from “Thirty-Eight Days” and “Thirty-Eight Reasons,” Noel and Clara Parker. Having followed Webster since the beginning, it is an honor watching their daughter go through her own struggles with love after having known the parents’ love story. Noel and Clara’s battle for love adds to the torturous pain of Alex falling in love with both her best friend Evan and her boyfriend. Watching Noel, the overprotective father, take matters into his own hands when the men in Alex’s life break her heart adds depth to a series not many authors are capable of doing.

Love is hard to understand sometimes, but in Webster’s novels, you’ll find yourself desperately hoping for a love story similar to the Parker family’s.

Each page of confessions, gut-wrenching glances, nervous kisses and tear-soaked faces captured my attention throughout. I never wanted to stop reading, not wanting to tear myself away from Brookline or Duke, Alex or Evan or their story of unrequited love.

It takes a person of powerful skill to manage to bring out raw pain that readers don’t normally expect when sitting down to read a novel. To have the ability to hurt a reader in this way is a talent—one I truly envy.

Webster is capable of turning the world of romance and young adult fiction on its head.

With one novel left in “The Science of Unrequited” series, there are several questions still unanswered, so many tears are left to cry and our characters have so much growth to go. Webster has teased the novel will drop at the beginning of 2019, but with only a title and no information about the novel other than it is finished, fans are left in the dark once more with Webster’s words.

The only thing that is certain is this last book will not be an easy feat for readers to get through. Webster always promises pain, and always delivers on those promises.

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Start reading “The Science of Unrequited” and fall in love with Evan and AJ.



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