Zoning appeal withdrawn for Young Ones building

By Kaylee Lindenmuth
News Editor

A zoning hearing scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 7, regarding Tommy Boy’s Pizza and Café attempt to move into a space that is currently occupied, was canceled after the appeal was withdrawn.

Tommy Boy’s, 313 West Main Street, and owner Thomas Mathias intended to purchase a property at 26 South Whiteoak Street, currently occupied by Young Ones record store, to move and expand the pizzeria. However, zoning laws require more parking spaces for a restaurant that are present at the property, and a variance, or exception, would be required.

A zoning hearing was set for Oct. 17, and, although a crowd of at least 40 community members packed the Kutztown Train Station, the hearing was set to continue on Nov. 7, at the request of Attorney Alexander J. Elliker, representing Mathias.

On Nov. 7, notices were posted on the door of Young Ones and the Kutztown Municipal Building stating the appeal was withdrawn by the applicant.

Young Ones owner Chris Holt had no further information beyond the notice.

“I haven’t heard anything from anyone, so I don’t know officially if he’s redoing it for some reason, or if he’s giving up. I have no idea,” said Holt. “I don’t have any knowledge of what’s going on.”

“I’m just doing what I do, and whatever happens happens,” added Holt.

Mathias was not present at Tommy Boy’s on Nov. 7 to provide a comment or further information on the situation.

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