KU signs agreements with Bucks Community College

By Kaylee Lindenmuth
News Editor

In the President’s Boardroom of Stratton on Thursday, Sept. 27, leaders from both KU and Bucks County Community College gathered to sign a pair of agreements between the two schools.

“Our first agreement will facilitate the transfer of any Bucks students to [KU],” said KU President Dr.  Kenneth Hawkinson. “BCCC students who submit a letter of intent to enter KU before the completion of 30 transferable credit hours will be guaranteed admission into a bachelor’s program with third-year, or junior, status.”

Hawkinson added that full-time Bucks transfers should be able to complete a bachelor’s degree within four semesters at KU, provided they complete their associate’s program.

“The second agreement will facilitate the transfer sports management program students at BCCC into our nationally accredited sports management degree program,” said Hawkinson. “The field of sports management is broad and offers projected employment growth opportunities.”

“I know that our sports management team is really happy to have the opportunity to transfer our many students in our sports management program to a program that is accredited, that does offer employment, and we know that it is a growing interest for our students as well,” said Lisa G. Angelo, Provost at BCCC. “I know that having the opportunity to have a guaranteed transfer of a complete associates degree is of utmost importance to our students, and to us as well.”

Hawkinson praised community college based on his experience attending Elgin Community College in Illinois.

“I would not be here today if it were not for the existence and support of my local community college, and it is our hope that these joint programs and other programs we develop will serve the students of this region as I was served and make a significant difference in their lives,” said Hawkinson.

Prior to signing the agreement, Hawkinson presented gifts to the BCCC staff in attendance.

Currently, KU has 92 students from BCCC.



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