KU Dean’s List requirement second highest in PASSHE

By Heather Bower
Contributing Writer

Making the Dean’s List at KU requires students take at least 12 credits and earn a GPA of at least 3.60 for the semester. However, not all Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) schools have the same GPA requirement, and KU’s requirement ranks second highest among the 14 schools in the PASSHE system.

According to statistics released by the university, KU experienced an increase in Dean’s List recipients between the Fall 2012 semester (around 1,610 students) and the Spring 2013 semester, when it rose to around 1,700 students. However, the number of Dean’s List recipients dropped down to around 1,620 students the next semester.

On Jan. 3, KU announced more than 1,700 students were named the Fall 2017 Dean’s List. The university’s total enrollment is around 8,300 students.

KU Senior Miranda Heywood, who made Dean’s List her first semester, was surprised to hear KU’s GPA requirement is not 3.50.

“I guess it helps them get people to aspire to have a higher GPA, which is good in the grand scheme of things,” said Heywood, who is studying Marine Science/Biology. “Although, it’s very hard for some majors to keep GPAs that high.”

According to KU Registrar Ted Witryk, the decision on setting the GPA requirement for the Dean’s List starts with the Academic Standing and Policies Committee.

“Once the Academic Standing and Policies Committee has come to an agreement, the Committee would make a recommendation to the University Senate,” explained Witryk. “The Senate then makes a recommendation to President Hawkinson, who would either approve or deny the recommendation.”

The recommendation becomes policy once it is approved. “PASSHE allows all institutions to be an individual entity,” said Witryk. “This enables each school to create policies and regulations in certain areas.”

According to each university’s website, Bloomsburg, East Stroudsburg and Millersville requires a GPA of 3.50.

California, Indiana, and Slippery Rock all have the lowest GPA requirement in the system at 3.25.

West Chester has the highest GPA requirement of 3.67. West Chester also has the highest number of undergraduate students among the 14 schools with more than 16,400 enrolled, according to their website.

East Stroudsburg, California, Indiana, Slippery Rock and West Chester also require students to take at least 12 credits on top of their GPA requirements.

Bloomsburg and Millersville do not have a certain number of credits in place along with their GPA requirement, according to their university websites.

When asked if all 14 PASSHE schools should have the same GPA requirement to make Dean’s List, Heywood responded, “I never thought about that, but I think maybe they should. Since they’re all state schools, I would think it should be a uniform requirement for the students.”

KU Sophomore Kaylee Karnes had a different opinion. “I think that’s pretty cool,” Karnes, who has made the Dean’s List three times, said of KU’s higher GPA requirement. “I had no idea. It gives me a better impression of KU.”


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