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Kutztown Borough Council to draft protection policy for single-family homes

By Ryan Scanlon
Contributing Writer

The Kutztown Borough Council and Community Development Committee are proposing
changes aimed at protecting single-family homes from being sold and converted into student housing.

These changes would also affect where student housing districts can exist in the community.

“We’re trying to prevent future growth of student housing in residential zoning districts,” said Matthew Hafer, a member of the community development department who attended the meeting. The council approved the proposal at its March 20 meeting and now plans to work on drafting up
a new ordinance.

“I feel like it won’t really affect off-campus students,” KU Junior Geoffery Bogner said.

“With places like The Edge and The Cliffs, there’s already plenty of off-campus student housing.” In other business, the council reaffirmed their approval of the plans to upgrade the Kutztown Area High School athletic facility. The plans had been discussed in meetings last year.

No dates were released on the start of renovations.

The Kutztown Fire Company’s request for funding in the amount of $30,000 from the Fire Tax Fund to pay off the 2017 E-One ladder truck, purchased last year, was passed unanimously.

The funding will go towards loan repayment of the truck, which is the first brand-new aerial in the fire company’s history.

In addition, the council also approved the execution of the Water Quality Management Permit to help preserve clean water supplies in the community.

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