ACE Recruitment Carnival a success

By Justin Sweitzer


The Association of Campus Events (ACE) hosted a festivity-filled day Tuesday, Sept. 19 in an attempt to both lighten up the stress of the academic day and recruit new members to join the organization.

The ACE Recruitment Carnival featured a diverse slew of activities for KU students, including a large inflatable soccer-style dartboard, a giant Twister board, face painting, a photo booth and a fortune teller.

The carnival’s main purpose is to teach students about what ACE does and to encourage them to join the campus organization, according to ACE President Jeri Fries.

“The carnival’s main purpose is to let students learn about ACE and to try and find students who are interested in joining ACE or letting them learn more about future events,” she said. “The carnival is also there for students to have a fun and enjoyable time with ACE.”

Fries said she was pleased with how the carnival went, noting that over 400 students attended the recruitment carnival. She said a few areas could have been improved upon, but that the event ultimately went well.

“I’m extremely happy with the turnout at the carnival,” she said. “We had about 400 students and the only bad thing from students that I heard was they were upset we ran out of plants, and there wasn’t enough time for them to get a caricature.”

She said the organization is always striving to improve events for students, and that this year’s recruitment carnival is no exception. She suggested changing blow up attractions and adding food for students as possible avenues to explore.

“I think every event can be improved in one way or another. I think if we choose to do the carnival again we should choose a different blow up than Twister. I also might want to have food at the event. There are other little things that can change. I think even though we can improve this event, it was still a successful event,” Fries said.

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