Two student-athletes resign from SGB

By Kaylee Lindenmuth
Staff writer


On Sept. 19, the KU Student Government Board (SGB) accepted the resignation of two members and elevated the status of a multitude of student organizations, among other actions.

Madison Stewart, senior political science major and field hockey player, and Lauren Baldwin, freshman sport management major and field hockey player, resigned from SGB at the meeting.

Baldwin was not present at the meeting. However, Stewart was, and, prior to a vote on her resignation, spoke to the board about why she and her teammate chose to become involved in the board, as well as why they resigned.

“The athletic student body here is largely underrepresented in SGB, and it has been for some time now, so there was kind of a push to get more people to get involved and try to represent a large population of the student body that really doesn’t have a good liaison to this group,” Stewart told the board.

According to Stewart, the field hockey team competes every Tuesday night throughout October, which would render her and Baldwin unable to attend SGB meetings through that month, which is in violation of the board’s attendance policy. The policy calls for a board member’s consideration for removal after two unexcused absences and/or three excused absences and makes no explicit exception for conflicting athletic events.

It was noted that the executive board for SGB, which consists of elected officers as president, vice president, parliamentarian and secretary would continue the discussion and consider adding a standing committee for athletics, which would require a constitutional amendment.

Stewart’s resignation was accepted in a 15-5 vote.

In other business, the Student Government Board elevated the status of several campus organizations.

The organizations elevated to Maroon Status at the September 19 meeting were HerCampus, National Residence Hall Honorary and Student Alliance for Latino Success and Achievement.

According to the Student Government Board’s “Granting SGA Maroon Status” policy, Maroon status is awarded to organizations that serve the general purpose of the KU community by providing opportunities for development in such aspects of life as intellectual, aesthetic, physical, spiritual and social… serve special interests of its membership as indicated by the organization’s Mission statement… and meet university registration requirements as determined by the McFarland Student Union and Involvement Services for a minimum of one full semester or 15 consecutive academic weeks.”

Privileges extended to a club awarded Maroon status include use of Student Government Association-owned equipment; use of campus mail; use of university facilities, use of bulletin boards, activities calendar and KU Daily Brief for advertising which conforms to regulations; participation in campus sales and solicitation process and other appropriate privileges as approved by the SGB and the president of the university.

Two organizations were elevated to Gold status. They were People for Animals and the Swing Dance club.

According to SGB’s “Granting SGA Gold Status” policy, Gold status is awarded to organizations which have maintained SGA- Maroon Member status for one full semester or 15 consecutive academic weeks and is in compliance with Student Government Board (SGB) Policy… and have membership open to the entire SGA body, excluding governance organizations.”

Privileges extended to a club awarded Gold status include all privileges as described for SGA-Maroon Status Organizations; SGA funding as allocated during the SGA budget process; use of the “SGA-Gold Status” title in communication and information; and other appropriate privileges as approved by the SGB and the president of the university.


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