Why people should stop bashing it and start taking action

By Kelly Cazzetto

Contributing Writer

Protesting is a topic that almost everyone seems to have a strong opinion on as of late. Rather than just agreeing to disagree, those that do not like what is being protested about have a tendency to complain about what they like to quantify as complaining.

Early photo of protesters marching with signs in opposition to the Vietnam War – Source: art-sheep.com

They are making hypocrisy of themselves. To complain implies that someone is not actually looking to change what has them bothered, rather they are simply expressing a distaste for it. The sole intent of a protest is to produce a result.

A large amount of people seem to be under the false impression that protesting is rendered as practically useless. This is because in most cases, change does not occur before their very eyes immediately following a protest, but that does not mean change is not well on its way.

In order for change to occur at all, it is necessary for someone to speak up. The problem needs to be acknowledged, as it will not be resolved on its own.

It is crucial that people stand up for what they believe. Every pivotal moment in American history happened because someone questioned why things were the way that they were, and by demanding change, they got it.

There is always room for improvement, but of course, in a lot of cases, if something does not affect someone directly and personally, they have no interest in seeking its improvement even if it would be beneficial to someone else.

America is composed of more than one single type of being, so to think in such a way is to think selfishly. In order for the country to prosper, Americans need to be considerate of all those that inhabit it regardless of how they chose to do so.

Protesters stand with signs of support in response to the Dakota Access Pipeline – Source: Christopher Juhn for MPR News

It is astounding that someone can want absolutely nothing to do with, for say, a certain way of life, yet makes themselves have everything to do with it by complaining about it all of the time.

To fight for one’s inalienable rights is hardly the act of a “crybaby.” In fact, it shows much more strength than those that are willing impose upon the social justices of another simply for their own personal gain.

This puts into question whether Americans are truly interested in the improvement of the country, or simply their own personal existence.

However, what should not be in question is whether certain rights belong to a human being, because in terms of composition, we are all same. Therefore, no one is more deserving than another. So protesting must ensue until there is no one left behind.


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