Students and faculty unite to march against racism and bigotry

KU hosts Solidarity March

By Michaela Yurchak

Students, faculty and Kutztown residents joined together on Feb. 16 to march in response to hate propaganda on campus and recent events that have come up across the nation.

Kutztown Resists, a campus group, put the march into motion. According to the Kutztown Resists Facebook page, they identify as “a coalition of students, faculty and community members organizing in Kutztown, Pa. to stand against institutional and systematic oppression.” They are a newly established group at KU.

Natalie Swartz, a member of Kutztown Resists, said, “We started planning [for the march] during the snow day on Thursday, Feb. 9 and the march itself came in response to the posters, but it was bigger than that. We also wanted to show students that Kutztown Resists exists, and we will resist.”


KU students at the Solidarity March – Photos by Michaela Yurchak

“Basically this is just one moment that is getting us ready for something bigger. It’s getting us ready for a movement,” said KU student Jeremy Griffin, in response to the march.

The march started behind Schaffer Auditorium and made its way to the academic forum, where people came forward to speak about the event and why they were there. Some shared stories about racism and bigotry they have witnessed themselves.

Hawkinson came to show his support to the university and many students reacted kindly. Numerous students agreed that having the president of the campus at the event was a great step in the right direction.

“I am delighted that so many students came to stand up against hate,” said President Hawkinson. “People need to take steps like these in their everyday lives to help their fellow classmates feel safe.”

Recently, members of a group known as “Identity Evropa” hung posters around the campus that read, “Let’s become great again” and “Serve your people.” These posters have made their way around campuses all over the country and many felt unsafe or targeted due to what the group stands for. The posters were taken down, but a few students thought that more needed to be done.

For more information about Kutztown Resists or future events, contact the group at

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