HVAC replacement scheduled summer 2017

By Jillian Baker

Conditions of Lytle Hall were called into question by faculty members at KU even as administrations plan an HVAC replacement for the summer of 2017.

Jerry Silberman, KU Vice President for Administration & Finance said, “KU has and continues to make significant investments in its campus facilities to provide safe, clean, technologically current learning environments.”

He said campus facilities are monitored continuously and renovations are scheduled as needed.

“Some of you may be aware of facility issues raised by certain faculty in Lytle Hall. In the case of this facility, it has been determined that replacement of its HVAC equipment is necessary,” said Silberman.

The work is scheduled for summer 2017.

sign“Although the current HVAC equipment in Lytle Hall provides a safe environment for students, faculty and staff, and no documented health issues have been reported, this $1.5 million project will provide new equipment that will operate more efficiently and allow the university greater control over the building’s environment,” said Silberman.

“As always, any specific facility issues reported through the campus work order system will continue to be appropriately addressed by the university’s facility maintenance department,” said Silberman.

Michael Gambone, a history professor, has been working for KU since 1999. His office has been in Lytle Hall for 18 years.

Gambone made a “Stench-O-Meter” sign that was posted outside of Lytle Hall. The sign had labels of various smells and an arrow that students could move to adjust to the varying smells of Lytle Hall.

Gambone said he made this sign to spark a reaction because there was a dead animal in the wall, which caused the smell.

“This is your media meme, but it worked,” he said. “I’m not a media guy, but how do I make something like this go away? And if I could use humor, that’s great.”

The rodents’ nest was found and partially removed. “We addressed the problem of the rat, but we’re looking at the problem of health in the campus as a goal,” he said.

Gambone is one of the 11 faculty members who have filed complaints with the Department of Labor. In January, he filed a complaint in hopes that old problems would be fixed.


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