Technology, green occupations growing in popularity

Digital publishing, environmental jobs have bright future

By Jessica Boccardo

As technology continues to develop, new jobs are created to accommodate them. Listed below are some of the up and rising professions that are of much more demand than they were a decade ago. What once may have been a hobby that employers laughed at is now probably a required skill or profession around the globe.

For example, post-internet professional publications such as The New York Times, Vogue and other big names have had to change their staffing requirements to accommodate to the public preference of social media outlets and online shopping. Some publications are strictly online, like BuzzFeed, and their employees must be well versed in Twitter and Facebook, and are able to virtually attract their audiences with subtle advertisements.

Content creation is of high demand with companies, as marketing becomes more digital and vlogging and freelance writing experience have become more preferred with potential employees.

Another field peaking in the job market is ecotherapy: the idea of engaging in nature as a form of mental and physical therapy. James Hamblin from The Atlantic explains that ecotherapy training sessions are “springing up around the country” as more and more research confirms being in nature makes people healthier.

Recent studies claim that children with ADHD are reported to have milder symptoms after playing outside, compared to children who spent their time indoors. Ecotherapy retreats are also becoming more popular for addict recovery and terminal illnesses such as cancer. Professions are seeking psychological and outdoor enthusiasts as ecotherapy continues to expand in demand.

Alternative energy is also on the rise. With current nonrenewable resources running dry, the usage of wind, solar and hydro power will become a necessity. The website Ecowatch states that with alternative energy sources popping up, so will the creation of dozens of jobs. There is strong evidence that supports the need for more jobs, as renewable energy is more labor-intensive. Anyone who is pursuing environmental science or simply good with research will be much-welcomed team members for these companies and practices.

According to the 2016 Software Testing News article, “IT security has had the largest increase in demand.” This is essential considering how quickly technology is evolving. Programming skills and computer science backgrounds could just land someone an official job at a company seeking IT security positions.

And finally, there are health care workers. This might seem like a no brainer, considering the ever-growing and aging population, and specifically the U.S. Baby Boomers reaching the retirement realm.

However, it has been suggested that there is a shortage in health care workers, and this does not accommodate for the society.

According to healthcareadministration.com, the demand for more health care providers will institute for a large variety in doctors, nurses and physical therapists by 2020, as life expectancy grows and consumers range older than the age of 65. These public demands will institute more openings in hospitals and nursing homes, assuring stable jobs for new health care workers.

With a variety in options, any of these professions are doable so long as you know

you have the skills and experience to pursue them. If none of these interest you, check out other websites like salary.com who list jobs of the future.

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