InDesign, Excel prominent workplace tools

By Donald Whitesall

Computer skills are not just a specific skill set for those in computer science or technology. Research shows that being fluent in software, such as Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Excel, will make you a better candidate for companies to seek.

In 2016, companies are looking for a person who can show that they are either proficient or masters in certain computer programs. Alison Doyle, a writer for The Balance, released an article based on the increasing use of technology in the workplace.

“Just think about how ever-present computers are, from our smart phones to cash registers to the order systems at restaurants,” Doyle said.

She also compiled a list of programs to list on resumes, cover letters and any other

professional document. Amongst these titles are Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Quickbooks and Unix. Doyle set aside some wisdom and tips for bringing these skills to the forefront of any resume.

One of them is adding a skills section. This piece of the application will create buzzwords for resume intake software to detect and will generate a green flag for recruiters.

captureThere is also a field of rapidly growing operating systems to become familiar with. Android, one of the largest operating systems, is a great place to have knowledge. Ben Jakuben, a writer for Treehouse, talks about how the current job climate is ripe for fluency in Android.

“It is a wonderful time to be an Android developer,” said Jakuben. “The technology is exciting and evolving, new devices are popping up all over the place and there is a very high demand for developers.”

Linux, a free OS that is popular amongst many developers around the world, is also great to know. With support rising for the system, many job hunters benefit from expanding outside of Apple and Microsoft.

David Delony, a writer for Make Tech Easier, published a piece on why Linux should be learned.

“Linux is popular with programmers, and for good reason,” said Delony. “Linux and Unix have long been a mainstay of computer science education for a long time.”

Career Tool Belt, another website dedicated to job seekers, has specific programs in its findings. Microsoft Office, graphic design and enterprise systems are important to show proficiency in.

“Virtually all workers have some familiarity with Microsoft Word,” according to the website. “However, individuals who can carry out mail merges, modify macro scripts, format documents expertly, and execute other complex functions are most highly recruited.”

Statistics show that job seekers that earn their positions are using many different programs to complete their tasks. According to a fact sheet on digital literacy

written by the United States Department of Commerce, 96 percent of Americans are using the latest communication technologies and software in their jobs. The same fact sheet also states that any jobs revolving around the Internet made major contributions.

“By one estimate, American jobs related to the Internet contributed an estimated $300 billion of economic activity to the U.S gross domestic product in 2009,” states the USDC.

The most important takeaway from this is to never embellish the truth. Listing skills that you don’t know will hurt later on. According to Nikki Gill, an author for, sometimes programs are required parts of the job.

“If the program is a large part of the job itself and is listed as a required skill, don’t apply for the role,” said Gill.

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