Noor Tagouri comes to KU

By Jessica Boccardo

As part of KU’s Sesquicentennial celebration, KU hosted Noor Tagouri as a guest speaker on Monday, September 12. She shared her life story and what has inspired her to be the role model and activist that she is today. She encouraged students to go after their dreams and not be afraid to get what they want. “Persistence is key” was amongst the many phrases she said throughout the event.

“This is what the future looks like,” said Tagouri from the YouTube video she displayed for the audience at the start of her presentation. She proudly sported a beautiful hijab as she explored Paris, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the video, demonstrating just how far she has come at such a young age. What seems to bring discomfort amongst most has become her strength and symbol of power.

She managed to impress much of the audience that evening. “I like how she encouraged others to translate their passions into a career,” said Heather Marcus.

Tagouri’s dream is plain and simple: to be a storyteller. She is a Libyan-American journalist whose face has appeared on live TV in nations all over the world. She is an idol to young girls, particularly of those following her same beliefs who aspired to be journalists as well.

She has managed to overcome her status as a Muslim-woman, and continues to break down barriers. She is a YouTube, Instagram and Twitter celebrity, fashion icon, and most significantly on the up rise to becoming the first and most successful Muslim news anchor.

Earlier in Tagouri’s life, she suffered from an identity crisis that she overcame as she began to accept her culture and began to wear the hijab. Her determination for success has skyrocketed as she took on an undergraduate degree and has seized as many opportunities presented to her as she can, including being most recently featured on Newsy Radio and in Playboy Magazine.

She stressed that that Hijab is just one of the many walls she is aiming to break down in the media’s display of people. There are many stories of the unheard she wants to break free- women rights, inaccurate stereotypes, witchcraft myths, etc.

Tagouri and her hashtag moment #letnoorshine continues to show just what a young woman can do.

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