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Hailey Emery, senior marketing major

By Jillian Baker

Hailey Emery decided to attend KU because “it felt like home” and because her friends also attend here. She says that she is very happy with her choice to come to KU. Emery grew up in Ashland, Pa. and attended Schuylkill Junior Senior High School. Emery was involved in theater, cheerleading and the school’s yearbook committee.

Hailey Emery     Photo courtesy of The Keystone

Emery chose a marketing major because of her father, who works in the same field. “I grew up watching him in his office. It came natural to me,” she said. Emery also has a minor in professional writing.

Currently, Emery is interning at a small indie publishing company called Sixth Street River Press. Emery is in charge of their social media accounts and works in marketing. Since starting her internship she has decided it is what she is most interested in. She hopes to find a job after graduating in the publishing industry in marketing.

Emery is gaining experience in the marketing industry working through KU. She works with the Association of Campus Events as the marketing coordinator. According to her, the job entails, handling social media accounts, making posters, and recruiting people to attend events. Emery posts on the KU Facebook pages to let students know about upcoming events and how to get tickets.

Her favorite event that she did for ACE was when marijuana attorney, Moe Spencer, came to KU. “It was interesting to meet him and hear everything he had to say,” said Emery.

Last spring, Emery attended a conference for the National Association of Campus Activities in Louisville, Kentucky for five days. Every college in the country with an events organization attended the NACA conference.

The conference included workshops as well as performers, such as magicians and comedians, pitching themselves to be chosen for campus events. Emery said, she learned about event planning and organizing events and all the hard works that goes into events.

Emery’s grandmother, Marjori, has had the greatest impact on her life. “She always encouraged me to play music and to sing. We used to read books together,” said Emery, when asked how her grandmother inspired her.

Emery is expecting to graduate in spring of 2017.

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