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‘HAGS’ exhibition hits Eckhaus

By Jesse Warner

Eckhaus Gallery, located downtown, is now accepting works of art that students have produced during their awkward middle school years.

The gallery’s show is geared toward fine arts majors, but is open to anyone who wants to show their work publically.

“HAGS” (the middle school show) will be displayed at Eckhaus, located at 157 West Main Street in Kutztown, from October 9 to 29. There will be an opening reception at 6 p.m. on October 9, with light snacks and refreshments.

1-hags-photoThe local middle and high school will be invited to encourage them to look at the artist’s progress from where they are now.

“I hope the show can encourage middle schoolers and high schoolers to interact with contributors of the show about what influenced them at the time,” said co-director Olivia Knowles. “We want them to share ideas on what influences them.”

The entire event is a collection of work from current artists of all ages and skill levels from their middle and high school years.

“This will serve two purposes,” said Knowles, “To allow critical discussion about those time periods, for example, in an older professor’s work vs. a college student’s work, we may be able to see some common trends for where we are and where our work has evolved since then.”

Eckhaus Gallery is a Kutztown University owned gallery, but remains student run and is under new management this semester.

New KU student art directors include Olivia Knowles, Kelly Broomhead, Emily Rogers and Melissa Metzgar.

“Our vision this year is to make Eckhaus as inclusive, professional and DIY as possible,” said co-director Kelly Broomhead. “We want to give as much opportunity for students to get involved, as well as local artists.” The goal is to connect student artists and community members through Eckhaus, exciting exhibitions, engaging discussions and hearing what our community would like to see and learn from each other.

In order to do that, they are encouraging as many students to get involved and volunteer to give them experience with how to be involved in the preparation, hanging and organizing shows.

Interning at Eckhaus will also help organize and connect people to provide real tangible skills that go beyond the resume.

Eckhaus will also be designating a day each week for events such as open mics, group discussions, artist talks and anything that comes up in the community. They are looking for feedback for events that would be appropriate to expand their vision and strengthen community ties. If you are interested in submitting to the upcoming show, please submit a physical copy of your work at Eckhaus Gallery before October 3.

Works do not have to be mounted, matted or framed. Everything will be pinned up as-is like a middle school art student’s wall, band posters not included.

If you have any questions or would like to submit, email

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