By Erin Maguire

After nearly 14 years serving as the Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life, Christine Price will begin a new journey this semester as the director for the women’s center and GLBTQ resource center at KU.

The women’s center exists to help address issues of gender-inequity and the wellbeing of women through education and engagement in the campus community.

In her new role as director, Price will oversee all aspects of the women’s center and GLBTQ center to make sure they are running smoothly as resource hubs on campus, as well as working with the staff to create an open and welcoming environment for all students.

“My experiences inspired my interests, and then coupled with my work within Housing and Residence Life here at KU as a programmer, advisor, supervisor and event planner, I felt this position was a perfect fit for me,” said Price.

Price will also be advising both FMLA and Allies, working with these groups to provide programs and events for the campus to help spread awareness and education on topics that are centered around gender equality, the well-being of GLBTQ students and women-centered issues.

Adrienne Keer, who spends much of her free time in the resource centers, said, “I met [Christine Price] a couple of days before she started. She seemed really friendly and cool. She seems very sociable and takes time to try and get to know everyone. I think she will be just fine in her new position,”

Acting Director of Housing, Hannah Spencer said, “I started off this year having [Christine Price] as my direct supervisor, and the compassion that she showed me was incredible. She allows those under her freedom to explore their positions while providing guidance and encouragement to grow. As a co-worker, she has challenged me to be better and was always there for me if I needed a professional or personal consult on anything.”

Price earned her master’s degree from Millersville University, where she completed an internship at the its Women’s Center. During this time, she became very interested in feminism and bringing awareness and education to the campus.

Before moving to Pennsylvania, Price lived in California and worked as the Conference Coordinator at San Jose State University. She worked with a diverse population of students who were passionate about issues of gender equality and GLBTQ rights and awareness.

Although she is very excited about her new position, Price said she will miss the people she worked with, the traditions and the students who were a part of it all at the Housing offices.

Transitioning into her new position, Price believes her greatest challenge will be balancing her time between two centers. “They are equally a part of my role and my passion, so finding a way to balance my time will be a challenge.”

“This has been a dream job of mine for quite some time,” Price said.


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