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Chicken tender wraps removed due to Chick-fil-A contract

By Lauren McCoy

KU’s newly renovated Cub Café has caused changes in dining all around campus. With these renovations, Chick-fil-A was moved into the Academic Forum. With the move came a contract that forced the removal of the once popular chicken tender wrap.

Kent Dahlquist, director of housing and dining, said, “The contract with Chick-fil-A basically states that no other chicken product may be sold in the same facility as Chick-fil-A.”

With this agreement, the popular chicken tender wraps were removed. The removal has caused an upset among many students, and Dahlquist has received many complaints about it.

Senior Ana Lehneis, expressed particular upset about the loss of these wraps. She said they were her favorite food here on campus, and now as a senior, she was very upset that they have been taken away. When the wraps were first removed, Lehneis reached out to KU dining using multiple channels, including Twitter and email. She first expressed her concern and then informed them she has taken her money elsewhere.

Due to the contract, the wrap line is only able to make wraps with lunchmeat, which several students have confirmed is not nearly as satisfying.

Senior Colleen Bagonyi said that the chicken tender wraps were the only things she was able to eat. She said, “Chicken tender wraps were one of the few things KU offered that didn’t make me feel sick.”

Students all around campus are opposed to this contract and feel that chicken tender wraps being available would not affect Chick-fil-A’s business.

After talking with multiple KU students, it seems that just because the chicken tender wrap option no longer exists does not mean that they will take their money to Chick-fil-A. In fact, many are boycotting on-campus dining altogether.

Though most upset comes from chicken tender wraps no longer being offered, that is not the only loss KU students faced. At one point the chicken was even removed as an option for salad, luckily, that was brought back.

Additionally, the mash box of chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes is no longer available or the pasta option where chicken could be added.

Dahlquist said that at this time it is not known whether these popular items will ever return to the Academic Forum, but it appears to be very unlikely.

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Figures Colleen Bagonyi would make up a reason to cry for her 15 minutes of fame.

Some people have real diseases that make them have issues with food, like celiacs. Some people just whore for attention.

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