By Joshua Liddick

For her entire life, athletics have been a big part of Tori Wakelee’s family.

Wakelee, a KU junior from Downingtown, Pa., has excelled on the volleyball court and in the classroom as an electronic media major.

WakeleeLike her older sisters, she has played sports since she was young. Tori played almost every sport until she found her niche with volleyball.

“I tried running track and playing field hockey before I decided to play volleyball,” Tori said. She also spoke of being a two-sport athlete at Downingtown High School, but she said, “It was too hard to balance both.”

After playing in the Pennsylvania state tournament as well as being a team captain her senior year, it’s safe to say that Tori’s proudest accomplishment during her four-year career was eventually receiving a scholarship to play volleyball at KU in 2013.

“I worked so hard to get it,” Tori said. “I saw so many schools and so many programs. It was so nice to find that one school that actually wanted me.”

As a prospective freshman, Tori was certain that volleyball would be the main reason for attending KU.

However, for many athletes, playing a sport is not always the end goal. For Tori, electronic media is her other passion.

“In high school, my sister was involved in the electronic media industry and introduced me to the whole aesthetic. It sounded like something I wanted to do with my life,” said Tori.

Tori’s passion for sports and being involved in KU’s electronic media program has propelled her to an aspiration to work for ESPN one day as a producer or a technical director.

If given the opportunity, she expressed interest in one day becoming a sideline reporter.

Her composure, ability to solve problems, dedication and hard work allow Tori to have the potential to be successful in the competitive electronic media industry.

Now that she is older and more focused on her future, Tori is set to devote more time toward her profession than playing volleyball.

Wakelee had inspiring insight when asked what she would tell people who were in the same position she was in as a high school senior.

Tori said, “Just do what makes you happy. Don’t do what other people keep telling you to do. At the end of the day, the only person that matters is you.”


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