By Haley Andersen

Kassidy Rineer, Kutztown Christian Fellowship (KCF) member, dancer and English major, smiled encouragingly as she explained that college is where she realized what it really Rineer photomeans to have faith.

“I grew up going to church and I knew that [at] college, I wanted to stay invested in some sort of Christian club, but I did not know it would take over my life in the way that it did,” said Rineer.

After establishing her affiliation with KCF, she always tries to think of her faith in everything she does.

“I always pray before making a big decision,” she said. “I may even consult other older women in the fellowship that can help disciple me to make the right decision.”

Rineer is an extremely active student involved in the KCF leadership team, KU dance club, Performing Dance Portmanteau (PDP) and the Shoofly Literary magazine, but she still tries to make time for what she loves.

“I fill my spare time, as much as I can, to meet with girls in the fellowship, friends and with discipling ladies to read scriptures or even go to a bible study,” she said.

Although Rineer’s involvement has a positive impact on her life, she faces obstacles at times. She struggles in trusting the Lord while also trusting in herself.

She said, “I might want to try for something that does not always happen, and instead of getting disappointed in myself, I can realize that God probably has something better planned for me.”

Rineer devotes much of her time preaching God’s word. She strives to bring in as many new people, from all walks of life, as she can to become disciples of Christianity.

“I want to see more people that I know come to the fellowship and come to know the Lord,” Rineer said.

In her efforts, she hopes to bring people to Christianity through dancing by creating a powerful dance to a hymn entitled “Softly and Tenderly,” which was inspired by a bible verse in Psalm 149:3.

The bible verse says, “Let them praise the lord through dancing.”

“It means exactly what it says,” said Rineer. “It is just one other way to glorify the lord with something that I already am very passionate about.”

Rineer tries not to focus on how she looks in the mirror when she dances, but rather how her body can move in the way that it does.

She said, “It is actually a great representation of God’s design for me, my body and how intricate it is.”

She hopes her audience thinks her work is beautiful and inspiring. She mainly wants people to know that there is much more to life than just people.


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