C.L. Lindsay’s “Sex and The Law” comes to KU

By Stefani Benrubi

On March 21, Attorney C.L. Lindsay III, Esq. dropped some knowledge on KU students concerning what they need to know when it comes to the legal aspects of all things sex.

Sex and the Law photo.jpgLindsay covered topics such as indecent exposure, consent, statutory rape and contraceptive law. Attendees learned valuable information about how to protect themselves from infractions of the law that they may never have considered.

For instance, public urination was recently added to the description of “indecent exposure,” which means it now can result in being listed as a sex offender.

Throughout the presentation, Lindsay added some levity to a serious subject by using an amusing series of power point slides, featuring Barbie dolls and action figures in compromising positions to illustrate each topic. His tactful humor lightened the mood in what could have otherwise been a rather solemn presentation. The presentation seemed to be well received.

“I really enjoyed his presentation. I thought it was very insightful and it was a good balance between humor and education,” said senior Viviana Vidal.

But some topics simply cannot be laughed about. Lindsay explained some crowd-quieting case studies about sexting gone wrong.

One was the Greensburg, Pa. case in which six high school students were hit with child pornography charges. All it took was a few provocative photos, and both the students in the photos and those who received them were charged.

“It’s so important to understand the ramifications of your actions,” said Lindsay. “And that’s never more important than with sexuality. You have to know what you’re getting yourself into and understand how to make the right decisions, both legally and morally. It can’t just all be about the law.”

The most disturbing case of all was that of Vanderbilt football player, Brandon Vandenburg. He and several teammates have been charged with the rape of his unconscious girlfriend, based on hours of surveillance footage from the hallway of his dorm, as well as the confession of his dorm mate who also participated.

Lindsay’s emphasis for this part of the talk shifted to bystander intervention. He noted the different people who were seen in the video as the men carried the victim to Vandenburg’s room. While they were certainly not accomplices, Lindsay pointed out that their attention might have stopped the rape from occurring.

Advice was offered on what students can do to intervene if they suspect there may be a problem. One idea was for women to interject and blatantly offer a tampon. Other options included asking if the potential victim needs a ride home or reminders of “early morning plans.”

Lindsay said, “The best bystander interventions happen without the person being intervened upon even knowing about it. Be creative that way. Accusations never get anybody anyplace. Be creative and indirect.”

Though the presentation ranged from humorous to upsetting, it was educational throughout. “Sex and the Law” is but one of the many helpful talks that Lindsay has given at KU. For nearly two decades, explaining the law to college audiences has been his specialty.

It began when a former professor asked him for help in defending his teaching methods in 1998. Lindsay took a six-week leave from his New York practice to teach himself about higher education law. It has since

become his niche. He is the founder of the nonprofit organization. Coalition for Students & Academic Rights (CO-STAR), now offering free legal help to students and professors full-time.

If you want to learn more about the Lindsay, visit his website at

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