By Andrew Kutzer

What made you want to run for SGB president?

“Ever since I was a freshman, I saw Joe [Scoboria] speak which sounds really weird but I thought ‘I would love to do that’. I was class president all through high school, all through Screenshot 2016-04-26 at 7.31.40 PM.pngmiddle school. So, I’d always been in a leadership position since sixth grade. Not that it was like, I had a feeling I was going to do something along those lines when I got here but I wanted to.

“I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to have the students’ voice heard, and I wanted to be a part of something that is going to make an actual change on campus. So, after last years I took up the internal affairs chair and I just decided president was the position that I felt that I could really do a lot for our campus community. I think that with our board becoming so new next year, with 14 members gone… I think it would be awesome to take this board where it’s going and we’re doing a lot of great things on SGB and I feel like I would be able to continue the progress.”

On the issues:

“I think student voice is being heard more now than ever and I think what’s really important is that we keep with student voice. More and more students are becoming more comfortable with vocalizing issues that they see on campus.”

“So, not only student voice overall but I think campus safety is something we need to address. I think we need to continue to bridge the gap between SGB, and the student body in general, with the administration.”

What organizations are you involved with?

“On SGB, I’ve had a lot opportunities to involve myself with other organizations on campus. I’m a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority. I’m also a member of the university-faculty senate, the alumni board and I have been part of the class gift that is going on through the foundation.

“The presidential ambassadors approached me and asked about getting involved with SGB. So, we created a class gift and any senior that is graduating, or person graduating for the 150th year, are able to buy a pin that will be displayed on commencement. It will go toward the 150th scholarship which is going to part of the commencement ceremony and we hope to continue the tradition. I also work on the major performance committee with ACE.”

What is your history on SGB?

“I came on as one of our four new freshman members that are elected the first week of school in [KU] last year. Right off the bat, I took a position and as a freshman it was terrifying. Our second meeting, there was an election for dean’s liaison of exploratory studies. This was a newer position; only one person had it before me and there wasn’t much done with the position. I decided to run for the position and I got [it]. For the first semester, there was quite a learning curve, being on SGB the first time. The second semester, I turned it around and I created an event called ‘major day’ which now happens every semester.

“So, I took off with a leadership position and since then I have fully involved myself with SGB. I was part of our budget process this year, met with all of the committees and sat in on everything. So, I have a feel for what’s going on throughout all of the committees. I think what’s most important with SGB is that you shouldn’t be restricted to your individual committee. I think it’s important to be well rounded. I think that’s really important and that’s what has helped me feel comfortable to run for president. Not only that, but I have been part of advocacy days. I went last year, I’m going again this year and that’s when I meet with state senators and

representatives in regards to higher education funding.”


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