Anna Behm reflects back on field hockey career

By Stacy Strauss

anna behm (1)

Anna Behm, who likes to be called “Behm” by her family and friends, is a senior who studies sport management at KU. Anna grew up on a farm in Kutztown. Since she was born and raised in Kutztown, she was always able to come to KU to watch all the sporting events when she was in middle and high school.

From there, Behm always knew that she wanted to play field hockey at KU. She loves it here because she gets to represent her hometown, but at a different level than interscholastic high school sports.

Behm got involved with sports because both of her parents were athletes. She was always at the park or school watching her siblings, which made her feel like it was natural for her to start playing sports.

Behm started with T-ball as a little toddler and eventually got involved with softball, basketball and field hockey throughout middle and high school.

Behm is currently an intern with USA Field Hockey as well as Spooky Nook Sports in Lancaster.

She is also a waitress at the Kutztown Fire Company. She is the president of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee.

Her typical day at KU starts with going to class, then to work, then more class, and then off to practice.

Behm said that her schedule is relatively the same during both semesters, but during the fall semester she tends to travel more. Some Fridays are often devoted to traveling for a weekend game.

All of her memories include her field hockey family. Since she is a college athlete, she doesn’t have much spare time, but when she does, she enjoys being outside and working.

When asked what word best describes her, she responded with “determined.” She said that because if there are tasks that she needs to do, whether it’s working to win a game or just simply something in the classroom, she’ll get it done.

Behm also said that she’ll do whatever she has to do to win a certain game or complete a project. Her team or classmates can always count on her because of her determination to get the task done.

Behm’s greatest achievement is being a two time All-American First Team and PSAC Player of the Year as well as a DII Honda Athlete of the Year Nominee. She said that she owes all of her success to her families, both on and off the field.

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