KU students will continue to go out

By Jodi Bogert

The biggest news on campus is the recent stabbing of a KU student on February 19. Thus far, only one of the three men have been charged, and the victim is in critical condition. ti-83.PNGSince then, parents have been calling and everyone from Allentown to Philadelphia knows our university for this unfortunate reason.

There are three truths to this situation. First, parents are scared out of their wits, especially if their kids are freshmen. The last thing they want to hear is that a student has been severely injured.

Being parents, they immediately picture their own child in the same situation, despite the fact that most night-owl patrons admit that they never witnessed anything this gruesome.

Nevertheless, parents still imagine if it was their own. I guess that’s love. If parents can help it, they will try to convince their kid to not travel out at nighttime.

The second truth is that students will still go out this weekend, and always will. Students are 18 and over, considered to be our country’s age of consent. In their younger years, most kids have been told what to do and had strict curfews. Now those restrictions have disappeared, and students fiercely protect this newfound freedom.

This may seem ruthless or foolish to disregard the voice of reason. Some believe that nothing bad could happen to them and that is a product of their innocence. Kids may be many things, but they aren’t scared. Even if one of their own was injured, it doesn’t mean that they will stay cooped up in their dorm rooms all night long.

Finally, the third truth is if someone would never want anything bad to happen to them, then their life would be very boring. If everyone became scared to the point of being overly cautious after every disaster, they might as well never leave the house. Sandy Hook would mean no school, 9/11 means no airplanes and this stabbing means no Saturday nights out on the town.

This event is a lesson for students and for their parents. Bad things happen, but we can’t let them control our lives. If we do, then we lose everything in the long run. Students aren’t totally reckless. They wouldn’t travel alone and use the buddy system.

Why would they want to go out alone? Going out means being with someone else anyway. The inevitable will happen, but life goes on.

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