By Andrew Kutzer

The Student Government Board canceled plans for a major spring performance due to scheduling issues and costs, according to Joe Scoboria, SGB president.

“I decided to do this for a number of reasons, but most importantly because it is a tremendous amount of money, and I did not want any student dollars to go to waste,” said Scoboria, in an email to the Keystone.

After Adam Devine canceled for the homecoming event in fall, SGB decided not to allocate funds for another event that semester, saving funds for an event in April.

“It was really hard to get [Devine] and then three weeks later he cancels because of a movie. That leaves us with ‘x’ amount of time to find somebody else,” said Amanda Koye, ACE president, when asked about attempts to reschedule.

“I set out an advisory committee made up of SGB and ACE members over thanksgiving break to explore options, and there was slim picking,” said Scoboria. “Especially because of how hectic this semester is with renovations, the sesquicentennial and presidential inauguration.”

“We have to go through a contract and we have to go through hoops to get somebody within a certain amount of time,” said Koye, when asked about planning another event.

ACE substituted Sean Bott, comedy mind reader, to fill the homecoming slot.

According to Koye, ACE contracted with Frank Abagnale of ‘Catch Me If You Can’ to provide a substitute for a major spring event, costing around $30,000.

According to Scoboria, SGB will establish a joint committee with ACE to provide a major performance for fall 2016. “When we went through about six people our options narrowed down after we talked to the agencies because we realized they couldn’t come on that day or they were too expensive,”said Koye.

At an SGB meeting on Feb. 9, an ACE representative announced a proposed list that they are looking into for the fall event. The list included Logic, G-Eazy, 3OH!3, Dashboard Confessional, Aaron Carter and Jesse McCartney.

“That [event] will happen in the fall [2016]. I can’t say that these names will actually be who we bring to the event but we’re looking at spending around $70,000,” said Koye. “SGB thought of it as ‘go big or go home’. So, we’re going to make sure we give them something for next year.”

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