Panthers will win Super Bowl 50

By Brett Brown

The two top teams go head-to-head for all the marbles in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday in San Francisco.

Throughout the season, the Carolina Panthers dominated, destroying all of their opponents. Their offense seems to be unstoppable, putting up at least 30 points per game.

Sure, Von Miller and the Broncos defense will give the Panthers a tough time, but Cam Newton seems to be a running back at the quarterback position being versatile with his feet as well as his arm.

Cam will win MVP this year due to the fact that he is his team’s second highest rusher and is also putting up great passing numbers. This season Cam threw for nearly 4,000 passing yards, finishing with astonishing 3,837 and 35 passing touchdowns. Cam also rushed for a crazy 636 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Don’t sleep on Carolina’s defense. It’s one of the best defenses in the league this year only letting up a miserly 19.3 points per game.

Compared to their points per game and the amount of points they give up per game, it seems Carolina will get the win.

The Denver Broncos of course have Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning. Being a premier passer in the league, the Broncos do in fact have potential in The Super Bowl. Manning is very smart and may be able to keep it close and come out with a win at the end.

In my opinion, the Denver defense is also one of the best defenses this year. They have a couple lock-down corners that include Talib and Harris Jr, who will give Cam a tougher time.

In the end, Denver does not have what it takes to come out on top and the Carolina Panthers will be Super Bowl 50 winners with a final score of 28-17.

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