Sound off: Homecoming court voices position statements

By Ibadete Ferko, Contributing Writer

Darius Pleasant is a communication studies major. He is an assistant at University Relations, Tele-counselor for the Campus Call Center and President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

“I ran for King, because I thought it’d be a cool experience, and plus why not? It’s safe to say I’m pretty happy about being nominated. I’ve never been nominated for anything like this before. WATCH THE THRONE.”

Paige Martin is special education and elementary education major. She is a member of the Delta Zeta sorority where she holds the executive position of philanthropy chair. She is also a campus tour guide, plays indoor intramural soccer, and is involved in the Big Brothers Big Sister Program. She also participates multiple education clubs.

“I wanted to run for homecoming queen to represent my organizations in a positive light and take on such an amazing leadership opportunity. I feel

very appreciative and honored to be running on this year’s 2015 homecoming court!”

Allison Prencavage is an elementary math and science education major. She has been an active sister in Phi Sigma Sigma for three years and holds the secretary position. She is also the vice president of Association for Middle Level Education and works closely with students to help better their education.

“I ran for Queen because I feel like I am a well-rounded Kutztown student. I take pride in my academics and am able to have a social life/ be involved in campus activities on top of my school work. It is such an honor to have been nominated and I cannot thank the student body of Kutztown enough for believing in me and supporting me. A special thanks to Phi Sigma Sigma for nominating me originally to represent our organization on homecoming court.”

Kayla Grater is a special education and elementary education major, representing Alpha Sigma Tau for homecoming court. She is vice president of Growth for Alpha Sigma Tau, is involved in Kappa Delta Pi and holds the position of special education representative of Pi Lambda Theta. She is also a member of Gamma Sigma Alpha and KU Health Ambassadors where she recently held the president position.

“I ran for homecoming queen because I have always felt a strong connection to Kutztown University and wanted to be able to represent my organizations, the university and the community in another way. When I received the news that I was nominated for homecoming queen, I was ecstatic! I was never on homecoming court or prom queen court in high school, so this opportunity meant a lot to me!”

William Smith is a history major and a music minor with a concentration in saxophone. He is a brother of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia National Music Fraternity of America, a 4-year Tenor Saxophone member of the Kutztown University Marching Unit and an active participant in various other music ensembles. He is also a Student Instructor for Physical Geography.

“Running for King is not a personal goal of mine, as if I waited for senior year to come just so I could only focus on winning. My mind is set to win like everyone else, in the spirit of healthy competition, but I also have an intent to enjoy the last few months I have left on this campus in style, and running for King makes senior [year] all that more special,” he said.

Jeffrey Thornton is an elementary math and english education major. He is involved with the Association of Campus Events, Rothermel Hall Council, Friends of Rachel, Engage, The National Residence Hall Honorary and the Bearfest Committee. He has also been involved in Race Against Racism, The Mascot Team, Leadershape, and Housing and Residence Life.

”I decided to run for King because I have had a very memorable college experience so far and I have met so many people throughout my time here at Kutztown and I really would love to represent all of these people as Kutztown’s Homecoming King. Being nominated was a terrific feeling! I remember sitting at the game, in the pouring rain and falling into my friends lap overjoyed hearing my name called. It will be one of my greatest memories for a long time to come.”

Nicholas Lofton is a communication design major concentrating in advertising and graphic design. He is involved in Friends of Rachel, CONNECTIONS Orientation Program, Sketchbook Club, National Residence Hall Honorary, Beck Hall Council, and Font Fellows Membership Program. He also worked for KU’s Housing and Residence Life for three years.

“I ran for king because I thought it would be a fun and interesting experience to run for homecoming. I was nominated in my high school and didn’t win. I was very excited when I was nominated; I was also in disbelief that I was actually nominated. It felt more real to me.”

Vivian Dutton is a biology (organismal/ecology) major. She is a biology mentor and the president of Performing Dance Portmanteau. She is also a member of Friends of Rachel, the Avalanche Patrol Mascot Team, National Residence Hall Honorary and Housing and Residence Life.

“I ran for Homecoming Queen because I love Kutztown. This school has done so much for me and has really helped to shape me as the person and leader I have become today. Because of this, I would really like to leave a lasting mark behind me after I graduate and being nominated to be on Homecoming Court was a great way to do so.”

Amanda Koye is a marketing major with a minor in electronic media. She is president of Association of Campus Events, a Presidential Ambassador and is also a member of the 150th celebration committee.

“I wanted to run for homecoming ever since I was a sophomore. It was a goal of mine just because of the energy and experience you get [when] celebrating your senior year. What better way than to do it for the 150th anniversary. Being nominated was an incredible feeling; with the support of my friends and everyone on campus, [it] made me feel like I made a difference [during] my four years here at KU.”

Brandon Conniff is a communication major with minors in electronic media, public relations and professional writing.

He is the promotions director and a show host for KUR, Technical Program Coordinator for the CONNECTIONS Orientation Program, the student representative on the International Affairs Committee and is a part of the National Residence Hall Honorary.

“My overall feeling is gratitude to the people that helped me get nominated– Gratitude to all the people that not only took the time to nominate me, but also saw me as a qualified individual for this honor. I’m also thankful that I’ve found such a great group of people that would support me. I wanted to spotlight and represent KUR to the campus community. Over the past few years the organization has grown immensely, in both enrollment of members and campus popularity. I hope that by running for Homecoming King that I will be able to spotlight this organization and make more people aware of how amazing, practical and enriching KUR is.”

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