By Andrew Kutzer

A new amendment to KU’s alcohol policy, reviewed and signed by KU president Dr. Kenneth Hawkinson, states that tailgaiting will now be allowed on the KU campus. Drinking on campus will still be illegal but will be permitted for sporting events through the amendment.

Starting this fall, students can bring their favorite beer to the Andre Reed Stadium parking lot at allotted times before, during and after the football game. Students must be over 21 with a valid ID and they must buy a ticket to the event.

Students will be allowed to drink three hours before the start of a sporting event, during the halftime intermission and an hour after the end of an event.

According to SGB President Joe Scoboria, a designated area will be roped off near the Kemp and Stratton parking lots located by the Andre Reed Stadium.

According to the KU alcohol policy, “No visible cans, bottles, or glass containers are permitted.” However, “there’s nothing wrong with throwing a case of beer in a cooler,” said Scoboria, as long as it is tranferred to plastic cups. Food and other non-alcoholic beverage are strongly encouraged.

Scoboria, an avid football fan, hoped to provide entertainment and draw students to the football games in a responsible way.

“I’m a huge football fan. I love going to the Eagles’ games, I love going with my dad to Penn State football games and those are examples where tailgating is insane,” he said. “We have a good football team. We have almost 10,000 students. Let’s have a fun, responsible event take place before a game. Let’s get students to these games in a mature fashion.”

According to Scoboria, students who feel too inebriated to drive safely will be allowed to leave their cars without fear of being ticketed or towed.

The next tailgating event will take place on Oct. 3, during the KU football game against Millersville University.

For more information, view the KU alcohol policy by searching “Alcohol policy” on

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