Rohrbach Library implements new printing system

By Amanda Sergeyev

KU student using Rohrbach Library’s “Paper Cut” system. | Photo by Julie Bowman
KU student using Rohrbach Library’s “Paper Cut” system. | Photo by Julie Bowman

“Paper Cut” is the current printing system at KU’s Rohrbach library. It was implemented during the spring semester and has impacted students and their ability to print. The new printing system is meant to help KU conserve resources and stream printing.

“It’s always good to see change[s] on campus,” said freshmen Amanda Mawson. Mawson discovered the new printing system at Rohrbach library midway through the semester.
The system requires students to use an extra step to release their print job, but they can do this at any of the numerous print release stations on campus. The student now has 30 minutes to release their document before the request to print expires.

Senior Tyler Martinez said, “I don’t like the new system. I don’t understand why I have to log in twice to simply print something out.” However, Martinez understands the system is there to control what people print out at the library.
This extra step to release print jobs has helped the Rohrbach library decrease the amount of paper it uses.
According to Dan Stafford, library information technology technician, “anecdotally the Rohrbach library has seen a decrease in paper use. I have seen the number of paper cases being used weekly decrease. There seems to be more cases of paper in the stock room than ever before.”

“At first the new system was annoying. However, I have come to realize the new system is actually useful and will save me time. The best part is that it prevents other students from accidently picking up my print job,” stated junior Emily Thaler.
Librarian Karen Wanamaker said, “when the University saves [on] paper and toner that savings will hopefully help to keep tuition from rising.”

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