By Cassandra Kosielowski

KU women’s golf team finished the 20013-14 season taking away first place in four out of the five spring tournaments and finished the season with six wins; a school record they tied from the previous season. This season, five seniors out of eight total players are leading the way to hopeful victories and a goal to set much higher standards.

This spring season, the KU women’s golf teams main goal is to make it into the regional and national championship for division two women’s golf. The team has never qualified for neither the regional nor national championship. However, with the teams overall high scoring averages and the chance to move up in the regional ranking this season, could land them a spot in the regional championship.

Throughout the last three years, the KU women’s golf team has consistently taken home three bronze medals. Solo captain senior Kelly Quigley is leading the team this year. According to the Kutztown University’s Women’s Golf Preview, head coach Robert Fisher said, “Kelly has been one of the best captains I’ve had in either program (golf and wrestling), and she is definitely a true leader on and off the course.”

Lauren Smith finished second on the team last season with an average of 84.5. Her average as a sophomore, 83.6, tied her for 4th all-time. This past fall she accomplished her individual goal, which was to win an individual conference championship. Smith said, “We aren’t just teammates we’re friends, friends who support and encourage one another in all we do individually and together as a whole.”

Madison Beer finished third on the team last season with an average of 84.8. Beer has already broken scoring records and now has her name in the KU school record books.

Madison Houseal finished fourth on the team last year with an 85.8 average. PSAC Scholar-Athletes, Chirsta Golden and Steph Oltman, improved their scores last season. The team, as a whole, plans to keep improving their scores while also moving up in the regional rankings.

There are high hopes for Hope Giordano who just recently joined the team last season. According to the Kutztown University’s Women’s Golf Preview, Fisher said, “Hope had two great years at Emmanuel and I think she can be the true number one player we’ve been looking for in past years.”

The spring season officially starts March 21 in Richmond Virginia at a tournament hosted by Randolph Macon College.

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  1. I think it’s sexist that makes aren’t allowed on the female team, but females can be on the men’s team. I wanna play with the ladies not guys why can’t I choose that option?

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