By Kacey Bellan

   Judy Raudenbush and Janet Sanocki have been making students smile for 11 years at the Java City inside Rohrbach Library. The duo has been steaming lattes, brewing coffee and shaking teas together since their first day on the job. They make the college experience a little more fun for students and faculty.

   After watching nearly three generations of students cycle through, Sanocki said they have stayed with Java City because “when our children were younger we would get holidays and more time with them.”

   Raudenbush added, “and now we’ve grown so emotionally attached to the ‘kids’ [here], we couldn’t think of any better place to be.”

   Other students feel the same way. Senior Steve Walsh said, “I come to the library all the time, Janet and Judy are dime.”

   Since the closing of the Java City in the Bear’s Den, the library has become the only Java City on north campus. It has become more of a hot spot for students, but Raudenbush and Sanocki don’t mind. “We love to be around these kids because ours are older and we miss them.”

   Senior Karelia Forleza started working at the Rohrbach Library Java City this semester. She said, “I really enjoy working with them, they are a blast. They are very real women…and are my favorite people to work with.”

   Senior Brad Frederick smiled and said, “It’s nice to have a conversation with them. When I’m at the library for hours at a time, they make the ‘coffee experience’ more personal.”

Students agreed they do not come in to the Java City for just their coffee; they come in because they love the level of service.

   In their free time, the barista duo spends a lot of time with their families and reading James Patterson books.

   Raudenbush says she enjoys spending time with her husband Dennis and their grandchildren. Sanocki often goes camping and makes annual trips to Delaware, Myrtle Beach and Knoebel’s Amusement Park with her husband of 37 years, Michael. She also loves to hang out with her children and grandchildren.

   With so many students coming and going in 11 years, Raudenbush and Sanocki both said it’s hard to watch them leave.

   Sanocki smiled and held her hands up saying “I wish we could create a wall of pictures to remember them by, and stick them up for everyone to see.”

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