By Zachary Polinchak

According to Jason Garcia, an assistant director of Housing and Resident Life, five major instances of damage to buildings 10 and 80 in Golden Bear South have occurred during the past few months.

Most of the incidents dealt with forced entry into elevator doors and damages to the swipe mechanisms at the buildings’ entrances. Other damages included hole-punched walls and smashed exit lights.

The damages are estimated at approximately $2,135.

These reports do not include smaller instances during the weekends, such as cleaning up vomit on stairwells and trash being thrown on the floors.

Garcia and the other members of Housing are urging the people involved—or anyone who knows who committed these acts—to come forward.

Housing has also issued a warning, that if the people involved are not apprehended, all the residents of Golden Bear South will be charged for the repairs.

The residents have until winter break to identify the perpetrators before the bill is split among them all.

Many residents are in an uproar about this, because they know they are not involved in the incidents which resulted in the damages.

Anthony Pavoncello, who lives in building 70, is angered by this situation.

Pavoncello said, “I am rarely here during the weekends the way it is, so it is ridiculous that I may be charged due to the action[s] of [the] immature people around me.”

As of now, there are no cameras in the hallways to catch people responsible for acts like these. Housing has to rely on either residents reporting their friends or on the people who are involved coming forward and admitting their guilt.

Housing is asking for anybody who has information to call 610-683-4971.


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