Students produce short film thriller

By Haley Bianco

Promotional Poster for “Inside” Photo courtesy of “Inside” short film Facebook

Promotional Poster for “Inside”
Photo courtesy of “Inside” short film Facebook

The student produced short film, “Inside,” premiered on Nov. 12 in the MSU alumni auditorium for students, faculty, staff and other guests. KU students Brandon Wood, Victor June and Kellen Cunningham put their writing and filmmaking skills together to create this production. “It took us two years from original script to final product,” said June. “We learned so much through this process and we got great feedback from the 80 people that attended our premiere.”

“Inside” is a thriller/suspense film. In the movie, the main character, Mark, becomes trapped inside his house. Then he discovers his girlfriend has disappeared and a strange man shows him his dark future. Visit the “filmitnowpro” YouTube channel to watch the trailer.

“Inside” is a short film from Film It Now Productions and June Media. The groups are currently raising funds through gofundme.com/filmitnow for their next short film project in spring 2015. The money raised will go toward equipment rentals and other costs associated with filming.

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