By Haley Bianco

PeeshPit Productions is a student run production company new to YouTube as of October 2014. Within the first week online, episode one received over 600 views.

KU students, Drew Boardman and James Haggerty star as the main characters in the YouTube series “Sorostitutes.” “We play the two hottest girls in the hottest sorority on campus,” said Boardman.

KU electronic media students, Josh Munson and Zoey Grolman, filmed the first two episodes of the series. “The episodes were well planned… the actors knew exactly what they wanted and they knew their lines really well,” said Grolman. “It was a really great cast and crew and it was fun to work on.”

Boardman says a total of 10 episodes will complete their first season of “Sorostitutes.”

PeeshPit plans on filming another production over winter break. According to Boardman, “The Intern” will be about “a clumsy, air-headed intern that gets teamed up with three secret agents.”

PeeshPit is currently in the process of planning this production. Boardman says they are talking to KU student Evan Trexler about filming the production for their YouTube page. “It’s a spoofy, funny, ‘James Bond’ meets ‘Parks and Rec’ kind of production,” said Boardman.

To watch their videos and follow their productions, visit PeeshPit Productions on YouTube.


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