By Haley Bianco

Professional writing professors Alan Hines and Carl Seiple have joined together for the launch of KU’s first Flash Mob Drama. For this program, a selected group of university readers will gather around a table to read aloud the 2009 play “Time Stands Still” by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, Donald Margulies.

The selected readers include: Dr. Jennifer Schlegel of the department of anthropology and sociology; Dr. Andrew Arnold, chair of the history department; John Green, associate vice president for communications, marketing and external affairs; and Kristan Pagliei, a professional writing student.

“This program levels the playing field…. The readers take off their hats they wear as administrators, faculty and students. It’s like playing on a team,” said Hines.

“Time Stands Still” revolves around the character Sarah, a photojournalist injured when covering the Iraq war. Her boyfriend, James, is filled with guilt after leaving Sarah alone in Iraq. Once she returns home, the couple receive a visit from their friend Richard and he introduces them to his new, much younger girlfriend Mandy.

“The play focuses on their relationships and Sarah and James’ prospects at a more conventional life,” said Hines.

Pagliei will be playing Mandy at the upcoming table reading.

“I play a typical, bubble-headed girl dating a 55-year-old man,” said Pagliei.

Hines said that play readings allow readers to be someone else.

“It’s fun, nothing’s at risk, you’re not being challenged… It’s something you do as a group,” said Hines.

The group will not meet for any rehearsals.

“I want it to be spontaneous,” said Hines. “Expect the unexpected.”

The table reading of “Time Stands Still” will be on Monday, Nov. 10 at 6 p.m. in the MSU Formal Dining Room. All are welcome to attend the free event.

Future readings may include classic and contemporary American plays by Williams, Inge, Wasserstein, Albee, O’Neill and Ruhl.

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