By Haley Bianco

Perforum President Drew Boardman and VP Taylor Clark Photo courtesy of Boardman
Perforum President Drew Boardman and VP Taylor Clark
Photo courtesy of Boardman

The student organization, Perforum, is currently in a transitional period. Soon, Perforum will go by a new name, ACT, short for Actors Creating Theater. Currently, the club is operating under its original name. Perforum started out as a club for students to explore poetry and the spoken word, but when Abby Hoy took over as president, things began to change. She transformed the group into KU’s theater club.

Since graduating in spring 2014, a new president has taken the reigns and is continuing Hoy’s mission of keeping theater alive at KU.

Current student President Drew Boardman has put his passion for theater into Perforum. The club meets Mondays at 7 p.m. in Learning Center room 106. All students are invited to join.

“It’s the most welcoming group on campus,” said member Kristan Pagliei.

During meetings, the club works on monologues, scenes and improvisational theater. Also at meetings, Perforum members discuss upcoming shows. Currently, Perforum is looking for writers, actors, singers and dancers for their spring production. Boardman says they have applied for the rights to “The Great Gatsby,” and are waiting to hear back.

Boardman is confident they will be granted the rights for “The Great Gatsby.” The show will be Perforum’s first in Schaeffer Auditorium, and will be open to the public April 10 through 12.

“We plan to have the show start at 8 p.m.,” said Boardman. “We’ll open the building at 6:30 p.m. and have butlers with fake champagne so people can come to a party at Gatsby’s before the show.”

Perforum plans to involve the KU jazz band with their production of “The Great Gatsby.”

“In the movie they used a lot contemporary music influenced by jazz, and we want to do jazz influenced by contemporary music,” said Boardman.

He mentions covers of “Fancy” and “Drunk in Love” as possible musical additions to the show.

“We want to have live jazz music for Gatsby’s parties,” said Boardman.

Perforum will find out if they have been granted the production rights within four weeks.

“We hope to have auditions before the end of the semester, get people their scripts and then come back ready to rumble in January,” said Boardman. “Keep your eyes open for invitations to the party at Gatsby’s.”

Tickets for the show will be five dollars for students and 10 dollars for non-students.

If they do not receive the rights, they plan to perform “Grease” for their spring production.

In November, Perforum plans to team up with KU’s Who vs. Whom club for a night of on-the-spot acting in a game of “Cards Against Humanity Live.” All are welcome to attend.

A yearly tradition also occurred on n Nov. 5. Perforum held its annual “Poetry, Prose and Pizza” event. Here students read poetry, comedic entries, monologues, slam poetry and lyrics.

More information about Perforum is available by contacting Boardman at Updates are on the Perforum Facebook page. Other questions can be answered by the club’s advisor, Professor Carl Seiple.


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