By George Fladeland

Maxwell Zotz (left) and George Fladeland (right) Photo courtesy of Verge Campus
Maxwell Zotz (left) and George Fladeland (right)
Photo courtesy of Verge Campus

The Verge Campus Tour brought a concert and the Interactive Village to KU over Homecoming weekend. Maxwell Zotz is the co-founder and president of the Verge Campus Tour. He found time to step aside from the tour events to offer advice on success to students.

Zotz, along with business partner Brett Segall, created the Verge Campus Tour after graduating from college three years ago. Their goal is to bring people together through music.

When asked advice for college students, Zotz talked about his own experience.

“I used those four years to take risks…with internships…. with starting my own business. In those four years you can [mess] up all you want. Go to class. Get the grades you need to get to get by… but take chances outside of that…because once you graduate you have to pay your loans back, you have to pay rent,” said Zotz.

He also emphasized the importance of internships.

“When someone comes to me and wants to work for me, it’s hard to take them seriously if they have no experience,” he said. “When I say ‘experience’ I don’t mean good grades in class. It’s the actual internship and application of that knowledge that is so important… you can’t replicate that in any other way.”

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