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For the first time, Briar Cliffs is allowing students to host a Halloween decorating contest and trick-or-treating within the housing community.

The event begins Friday, Oct. 31 at 5:30 p.m., kicking off with the decoration contest. Three Cliff houses will win prizes from the categories: happy Halloween, creepy and creative and house of horror. Ellen Overcast, property manager of the Cliffs, will be judging the competition.

Trick-or-treating follows after at 6 p.m. Briar Circle South will first visit North side to trick-or-treat for an hour, then at 7:30, North side will go to South for their hour. A Public Safety committee has been put together to patrol either side of the Cliffs while students are out collecting candy.

“I want to build a community where we can protect each other and be able to make our own safe environment to live in,” said Darion McGowan, student and Cliff resident.

The idea first formed about a month ago from Darion and some neighbors. Several discussions later, the group started to patch together serious plans and, STET with Ellen’s approval, they were set into motion.

“We have a community where we all hang out together and talk to our neighbors,” Darion said, “I wanted to take advantage of that and do something that can set this year apart form others.”

As Halloween approaches, and more elaborate decoration plans come to life, Darion holds high hopes for the night. He said everyone in the community is really getting into the spirit.

“Neighbors put up decorations every day, brag about their houses and give each other ideas,” he said. “But everyone claims to have a rabbit to pull out of their hat for Halloween night.”

All are welcome to come to the Cliffs to STET participate in the holiday fun, but are asked to be respectful to the community and its residents.

If this Halloween is a success, Darion wants to work with the Cliffs to plan similar events later this year and next school year.

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