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Dr. Keith Massie’s book, Amber in the Moment Photo courtesy of University Relations
Dr. Keith Massie’s book, Amber in the Moment
Photo courtesy of University Relations

According to a KU news release, the assistant professor of communication studies at Kutztown University and avid writer Dr. Keith Massie has established his own publication of Kurt Vonnegut’s novel, “Breakfast of Champions.”

Massie’s pseudonym, Kirk Vonnegut, is the name on the cover of this adaptation, titled “Amber in the Moment.” Massie’s novel tells the story of Vonnegut’s process in creating his final novel.

Massie incorporates certain narrative and structural aspects of Vonnegut’s work, adding his own expertise in regards to science fiction, drama, elements of suspense, culture and comedy. Those who are familiar with Vonnegut’s style in fiction writing will be able to recognize similarities in Massie’s writing.

In the story, first person perspective is utilized allowing the reader to understand Vonnegut’s “speech bubbles” following the story’s protagonist. Massie’s novel correlates with the Vonnegut’s last.

Massie’s novel “Amber in the Moment” works to guide readers through four timelines. Readers can attempt to understand Vonnegut’s thoughts as he worked to finalize his book, and the scientific nature of his writing. The protagonist even uncovers Vonnegut’s thoughts and fears as the plot unfolds.

“I wanted my book to give the feeling and texture of Kurt Vonnegut, famous author, without being Vonnegut,” says Massie. “It’s a parody, although serious in tone. I also wanted it to be about the writing process itself. The protagonist is bombarded with Vonnegut’s thoughts from the future, and this can happen in a violent way. The thoughts have to go onto paper – it mimics what a writer goes through during the creative process. I was somewhat disappointed by ‘Breakfast of Champions.’ This is my revision.”

Dr. Keith Massie Photo courtesy of University Relations
Dr. Keith Massie
Photo courtesy of University Relations

In addition to “Amber in the Moment,” Massie is the author of “Communication Connections: From Aristotle to the Internet.” This book includes journal articles and a chapter on representations of race and gender within “Everquest,” from “Online Gaming in Context: The Social and Cultural Significance of Online Games.”

To find out more about Massie’s works, please visit Massie’s new novel is available for purchase on in eBook and paperback copies.


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