By Patrick Dietrich

KUR DJs Brandon Conniff and Patrick Dietrich at a promotional event last spring. Photo courtesy of Emily Butz
KUR DJs Brandon Conniff and Patrick Dietrich at a promotional event last spring.
Courtesy of Emily Butz

Kutztown University Radio (KUR) announced their fall 2014 schedule on Aug. 29. The schedule features many veteran DJs returning for shows along with the newest members, last semester’s trainees. However, there is a noticeable change in the schedule. The number of combined, co-hosted shows has increased considerably from previous semesters.

“There are approximately 35 active members with shows,” said KUR manager Mike Regensberger. “This semester’s schedule is one of our most diverse and interesting. Several solo DJs are joining forces with other solo DJs, making for more combined shows. This is great because it allows the chemistry of each individual host to come out in new ways as a duo show.”

Brandon Conniff, who goes by DJ Moonwillow, did not originally plan on having a co-host. “When DJ Patty D approached me about combining our shows I knew I’d do it for his last semester here,” said Conniff. “It’s really great having someone to talk to about music you like and to share new music with. There’s also a sense of professionalism from working on air with someone. It’ll help us stand out in a competitive job market.”

Another KUR veteran, Alicia Carson, is experiencing the opposite. She has a solo show for the first time after being with former KUR DJ Sheila Joy for seven semesters. “The biggest difference is not having someone else to commentate with, so I have to say it all myself,” Carson said. “I have one semester left so I decided to make my own spin on ‘The Mad House,’ our old show. Sheila would always do history at half-past the hour and I wanted to continue this in my own way. I made it short, sweet and to the point—a little bit of history and then back to the music.”

Organizations and musicians outside of the university have been approaching KUR in regards to interviews and on-air promotion. “Our name is getting out there to a point that we are a “go-to” source for people,” Regensberger said. “We’re not unnoticed anymore. Now, reaching out to KUR is as routine as reaching out to some of the bigger college stations like Muhlenberg, Drexel and Rutgers Radio.”

KUR can be listened to using the TuneIn App for smartphones, by calling (610) 465-7860 and across campus at 1670 AM. For a link to the online live stream, visit

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