Dr Frederick Redekop Photo courtesy of University Relations
Dr Frederick Redekop
Photo courtesy of University Relations

By Ann Moschorak

According to a KU news release, Dr. Frederick Redekop, associate professor of counseling at Kutztown University, wrote “Psychoanalytic Approaches for Counselors.” In addition, he is the editor for an upcoming book series in regards to the theories for counselors, promoted by SAGE productions. Redekop’s book will be the first published in the series of psychoanalytic approaches, and it searches ways to apply Freudian ideas in today’s counseling methods.

“My students inspired me,” Redekop discloses. “I was teaching and realized that I needed an effective approach to help my students understand all theorists, but Freud in particular. They haven’t had previous training in how to apply Freud and other theorists, and that’s how this series of books came about. Theory is a roadmap – it gives you a different road to take in order to achieve positive therapeutic change. Psychoanalysis might be more of a scenic route, but you’ll see some really interesting sights along the way.”

Freud discovered living and vital approaches that are still important for counselors to learn. This text unearths them for a modern audience.

Redekop’s intentions for his book are to provide readers with a historical perspective of counseling theories. He also worked to explain how these theories can be applied to counselors in modern settings. In correlation with Freud’s indications, Redekop reiterates forms of study and theories that counselors may find useful in their practices. Redekop’s work illuminates Freudian ideals to contribute to modern counseling applications.

“The process of counseling is essentially simple,” Redekop explains. “Counselors help clients activate skills to deal with stressful situations. The warm relationship counselors and clients share derives from Freud. He was actually much more complex and rich in his work with people than he is given credit for.”

“Psychoanalytic Approaches for Counselors” can be obtained for use from SAGE publications in Nov. 2014.


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