One of the few at school for the summer

By Rachel Fiore

Photo courtesy of Emily Butz
Photo courtesy of Emily Butz

Zeke Montgomery, entering his senior year at KU, serves as a role model to students searching for their ideal careers through what the university has to offer.

Montgomery has grown through the organizations and clubs he is involved with, while simultaneously helping fellow students by serving the Connections community as the technical program coordinator for the summer.

New changes to Connections have affected his work. This summer was the second year of the shift from the overnight to the new one-day Connections Orientation Program. There has also been a change in management and a few positive alterations to the orientation program for transfer students.

In May and June, as the technical program coordinator, Montgomery supervised the organization’s social media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook, created insightful videos for incoming students, commanded the music for the program and spoke in front of multiple student audiences to make them feel more welcome.

“Social media is a way of building a stronger connection with incoming students. It’s our way of reminding them that we are human and we do like to have fun, too,” said Montgomery.

Montgomery served as a facilitator among a handful of other students in past Connections programs. He made the decision to join Connections because he did not think he could, and in turn, pushed himself to overcome the doubts that many students hold at one point in their college career.

When asked about Montgomery, senior Connections facilitator Jessica Morrow said, “Working with Zeke is wonderful. He handles his job in a very professional manner and always makes it clear how much he cares about his work. He will go above and beyond whenever he can, asking what else he can do on projects throughout the year. He handles his job well in every aspect possible and many people definitely look up to him.”

Along with Connections, Montgomery is head of inductions for the National Resident Hall Honorary. The organization’s purpose is to build a community within the residence halls and hold activities based on four pillars: leadership, scholastics, service and recognition.

Montgomery also serves as the housing and registration co-chair in the Central Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls and as the student staff coordinator in Berks Hall where he manages the hall’s discipline, morale and expenses.

A native of small-town Mechanicsburg, Pa., Montgomery hopes to branch out and join the Peace Corps or go into student affairs.

“I’ve peaked with what Kutztown can give to me so now it’s about giving back and making Kutztown a better place before I leave. I’ve learned that if you want to do something, just go out and do it,” said Montgomery.

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