By Kassidy Rineer

Broadway’s Next Hit Musical is coming to Kutztown on April 24. This musical is not a typical Broadway musical and is recognized as a brilliant comedy composed entirely of improv.

Robin Zaremski, director of KU Presents!, gave away a sneak peek of what happens in this musical. The first half consists of the audience participation. Each member writes a random phrase on a card. The cards are then put into a fish bowl. Each card is selected one at a time, and the actors on stage create a song and dance to go along with the random phrase, just as if it were from a rehearsed musical. Other actors join on stage and a pianist picks up a beat.

After the audience votes on their favorite song and take a short intermission, the actors come back on stage and try to put on a raw musical from the audience-selected song.

“It still rings in my mind,” said Zaremski, who has previously experienced this type of musical. This off-the-cuff spontaneous comedy takes witty minds and comes together in an unforgettable, unique way.

It was originally planned to take place last year but was postponed. The show is scheduled for April 24 at 7:30 p.m. in Schaeffer Auditorium. Tickets are 10 dollars, but groups of five or more will get a discounted rate. Tickets can be purchased at the MSU front desk.



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