President of SGB, Nick Imbesi Photo courtesy of University Relations, Kutztown University
President of SGB, Nick Imbesi
Photo courtesy of University Relations, Kutztown University

By Maria Sagliocco

President of KU’s Student Government Board to Governor of Pennsylvania is the plan for KU senior, Nicholas Imbesi.

This is Imbesi’s first year as President of the governing body, being elected in the Spring of 2013. KU President Javier Cevallos, commented on Imbesi’s work ethic through email: “Nick has been a student leader throughout his career. Before being elected as SGB President, he was very involved with campus and community safety issues. As President of SGB he has continued to play a leadership role on campus, and to ensure the student voice is always represented.”

Keeping student activity fees low is only one of the many things that Imbesi has fought to accomplish. Imbesi fought to increase public safety on campus by increasing the amount of police officers, pushed for campus wide Wi-fi, which is currently underway and objected to a possible calendar change that was to take place and would have changed the final exam schedule from five days to four.

“This would have put a HUGE strain on our students. I was able to sit down with the administration, I got the concerns ironed out and we now have a five week winter break and a five day final exam schedule with a brand new policy put into place that will limit the amount of finals a student can take to only two,” said Imbesi.

The Mohrsville native and Public Administration major attended Schuylkill Valley High School and was raised by parents Tino and Linda in a rural area. Imbesi is one of two children, having a brother who passed away when he was eighteen.

“That has really shaped me as a person,” said Imbesi.

Matt Assad, fellow SGB member, said, “Nick is very passionate about working for the students and always does what is best. His determination to succeed, commitment, ability to listen and his trustworthiness makes him a great leader.”

Imbesi first got involved with SGB by running after receiving an email from the organization. Government has always been an interest of Imbesi’s.

“Nick is so passionate about Student Government, it is the only thing he talks to me about when he calls. He loves being able to help people and being in this position he has been able to live his dreams,” said his mother Linda Imbesi.

Putting 45 hours per week into SGB, Imbesi proves that politics is his calling.

“Nick was in my Leadership class and exhibited his outstanding speaking skills. He can definitely move a crowd,” said Chelsea Powell.

After graduation, Imbesi plans to further his education by receiving his Master's degree in Public Administration.

“I then plan on running for political office," he said. "I aspire to one day be governor of Pennsylvania.”


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