Inside Letterman's Diner Kimberly Marandola, Photography Editor
Inside Letterman’s Diner
Kimberly Marandola, Photography Editor

By Erika Solorzano

There have been rumors around Kutztown implying that Letterman’s Diner would be going under new ownership at the end of this year.
“It would be great if we could clear that up. We are not closing,” said April Bland, a three-year Letterman’s employee.

Letterman’s is not an ordinary diner seen on the side of a highway. Their famous t-shirts read, “Feeding the World, 23 seats at a time,” showcasing their loyalty to this small-town diner. Not to mention they have a “no credit card” policy; they only accept cash at Letterman’s.

“We don’t like the whole credit card thing. We want it to be for the town, for the students,” she said.

Owner Doug Letterman has been feeding the town with his enormous plated breakfasts for 16 years. The buzz of the legendary diner closing down had more than the students wondering.

“Channel 69 News came in to talk to Doug to do a story on us closing,” Bland said, pointing back to Letterman, who was manning the grill.

According to Bland, Letterman jokingly posted a comment of closing down on their Facebook page.

“He’s like that. Sometimes he’ll grab the “for sale” sign and put it out front when he gets [angry],” Bland said while shaking her head with a smile.

“To see Letterman’s go would have been a letdown. I’ve been going there since freshman year,” said senior Evey Ghazarian.

Although the diner has been around for 16 years, new improvements have been made in the last two when an idea of serving late night tacos has turned into a newfound success, according to Bland.

“We were sitting here for a while when we first started it, and I was freaking out because no one was coming in, but once the news got out there, it went over way better than everyone thought it would,” Bland said.

Every Friday night, Letterman’s Diner is expected to be just as jam-packed with hungry taco-loving customers as it was the Friday before.

Starting at 1 a.m. until 5 a.m., Letterman’s Tacos is the place to go for the late night crowds.

Kicking off the weekend with late night tacos seems unimaginable, since they open for breakfast as soon as they put the taco shells away.

As to why Letterman’s has not moved to a bigger location for as many customers as they have, Bland said, “Well, we wouldn’t be able to feed everyone! It’s only Doug cookin’ over there.”


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