Artist profile: Bryan Fellenbaum

By Marcus Long

“I wanted a style that was organic and a little abstract, but also technical,” said Bryan Fellenbaum, when asked about his artwork displayed on the Brick Wall Gallery in the Student Union Building from Oct. 7-20.

A sophomore Fine Arts major, Fellenbaum has been working with the style on display for about a year. The five panels featured in his exhibit are built from thickly sketched lines, and heavy colors complete the figures in each of the pieces. Fellenbaum noted that the collision of styles makes it difficult to pinpoint which descriptions to specifically assign to the works, although modernism and abstract realism sometime spring to mind.


The Lancaster native had a tough time choosing which pieces to feature in the Brick Wall exhibit. He said the style was inspired from digital art that had qualities of bright color usage and a raw, organic look. He worked from photographs on the subjects of his multimedia pieces, which he described as being very technical at the beginning when they were drawn with colored pencils and charcoal, but he ended up shifting and shaping them into something more expressive with his use of watercolor splashes.

“It feels like the viewer is putting together the pieces of what the subject actually is,” said Fellenbaum.

In the future, Fellenbaum hopes to incorporate more media and different styles into his artwork. He’d like to include more aspects that these pieces don’t have and maybe build his future pieces up with more volume.

“These were very quick and expressive, but not too labor intensive. None of these pieces took over four hours to complete,” he said.

This is Fellenbaum’s first exhibit at Kutztown; he hopes to have more in future semesters. His education in the Fine Arts Department is shaping his style as well.

“I’m trying to reinvent my own style as I go along so it doesn’t become stale and boring,” said Fellenbaum.

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