KU working to end the violence against women

23 years ago, The Clothesline Project began in Cape Cod, MA. Intended to address violence against women, The Clothesline Project allows women to express their feelings by decorating a t-shirt with any words or artwork that will help them relieve some of what they are thinking about or going through. The shirts are then hung on a clothesline for others to view.
Today, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. throughout various areas on campus, t-shirts will be hung on clotheslines to support this cause and to support those who have suffered or know someone who has suffered from violence against women.
Although all people heal differently and in their own way, this project allows women and all others who have been affected by violence express themselves and work towards healing by allowing others to see and attempt to feel what those who have experienced this type of trauma have felt and been through. It is a way for people to become closer even after the darkest of experiences.
Following The Clothesline Project, survivors of rape, sexual assault, domestic violence and sexual abuse will meet at the Alumni Plaza at 7 p.m. to come together and share their stories with the Take Back the Night event. KU’s Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA) is encouraging students, faculty, staff and community members to celebrate the survivors and come listen to what they have to say, perform or read. A silent vigil and march will take place after some time is spent at the Alumni Plaza, and then those who would like may gather in the Women’s Center Oasis, Old Main rm. 3.
For more information on The Clothesline Project or Take Back the Night, log online to clotheslineproject.org. or takebackthenight.org. For more information on the events that are taking place today, contact Grace Hill at (610) 683-4655.

By Taylor Zimmerman

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