In 2006, 93.3 WMMRʼs The Preston and Steve Show was named the Best Morning Show in Philadelphia by Philadelphia Style Magazine. And now, Kutztownʼs own Steve Baist is a part of their team.
Baist is a second-semester senior and has been interning with Preston and Steve since the beginning of the semester. But they werenʼt his first choice.
“Itʼs kind of a funny story,” Baist said. “My advisor gave me this big binder of possible places. And I picked my top five choices, but the positions were either already filled or non-existent.”
Baistʼs original goal was to find a position at a film and TV production company, but couldnʼt find an open internship position.
“My advisor asked me if Iʼd heard of Preston and Steve,” Baist said. “And they had an open position, so I was like, ʻyeah.ʼ”
Even though Baist is working at a radio station, he still gets plenty of hands-on experience in film production and camerawork.
“When guests come in, I usually shoot the interview or performance and edit it and put it up on the website,” Baist said. Baist added that all office work and podcasts are done by interns, some of whom have been at the station for years.
“Itʼs cool to see how much the interns actually do,” he said.
In addition to the great hands-on experience, Baist also says that the studio provides a great work environment.
“Theyʼre all really down-to-earth people,” he said. “Preston sort of mediates everything and Steve is always cracking jokes. Theyʼre just a great group to work for.”
The Preston and Steve Show includes host Preston Elliot, co-host Steve Morrison, executive producers Casey “Casey Boy” Foster and Nick McIlwain, producer Marisa Magnatta and news and weather reporter Kathy Romano.
The WMMR studio is located in Bala Cynwood. The Preston and Steve Show airs Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. EST.

By Mark Rotondo


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