There is a plethora of clubs on KU’s campus, from the American Marketing Association (AMA) to Greek Life to the Association of Campus Events (ACE). But what about the other smaller clubs not heard about so often? Many of those other organizations help in the community, work for the university and mean a lot to those involved. One of those organizations is KU’s Military Club.
The Military Club at KU originated as a way for students who were transferring from life in the military to life in college to meet and become a support system for one another.
“It’s a huge transition,” said sophomore Psychology major Steven Sultzbach. “You’ll experience culture shock.”
Sultzbach discussed how hard it is to become acclimated to a college campus after spending time in the military, and how the members of the Military Club can work together to adjust.
Although that was one major reason why the club was formed, members of the club range from reservists to civilian students. The club also works as a way for students who have family members in the military to ask questions about what to expect or simply to meet people who have been in the same situation as their loved one.
“The club is open to anyone, from students who have family members in the military to students who are thinking about joining the military after they get their degree,” said Sultzbach.
For students looking to join the military after their time at KU, the club members can offer advice and answer any questions those interested may have.
“We have nothing to gain by them joining,” said Sultzbach. “The information we give them will be completely honest.”
Another reason for the start of the Military Club was an issue with KU’s attendance policy. Kutztown University Policy ACA-016 states, “Excused absences include, but are not limited to, illness, scheduled university-related activities, death in the family, jury duty, and impassable roads.” Nothing is mentioned about military obligations, and the club has been hoping to work on a change there.
“I’ve had problems with professors when I was called in by the guard to help with something,” said graduate student Angela Hardy, secretary of the Military Club.
Sultzbach chimed in, “It’s one thing when you’re leaving for Iraq, but it’s another to say to a teacher, ‘I have to go help after Hurricane Sandy.”
Last semester, the club worked with Redner’s grocery store during the holiday season to donate canned good and money to the Philadelphia Veteran’s Comfort House, a place where homeless veterans can go to shower and get something to eat.
“They let us set up a table outside, and in about 12 hours, we raised $650 and over 600 pounds of food,” said Sultzbach. “One man even donated pounds of rock salt. We said, ‘sure we’ll take it.’ Anything to help.”
On April 4, there will be a Benefits Workshop at 11 a.m. in the DeFrancisco auditorium. Members of the military are encouraged to attend, as well as those who are interested in joining the military after college.

By Taylor Zimmerman

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