I sat down with two of campus’ influential leaders in the minority community: Kashif Thompson, the President of the Black Student Union (BSU), an Accounting major in his senior year, and Fatimah Freeman, the Vice President of BSU, a Public Administration major in her junior year. Both discussed what BSU’s aim was and what BSU meant to them.
Together, they placed a huge emphasis on the importance of having a home away from home. With a campus that is predominantly caucasian, and as a minority it is hard to find a place that you can fit into—a place that can help students transition into everyday college life. BSU aims to foster interactions with not only the black community, but with all students.
“We have an open and friendly environment,” stated Thompson and Freeman on multiple occasions.
Freeman has been a member since her sophomore year. She believes that BSU presents a positive image to everyone on campus and that it is meant to bridge the gaps that can often separate.
In addition, BSU helps many students break free from their comfort zones and provides a reason, other than academics, to stay in school. There are so many reasons to get involved on campus and not only does this club open social doors to friendship, but it also provides professional ones that allow you to better know your campus.
The Black Student Union hosts different types of events, such as their upcoming community service plans to skip a regular meeting and write letters to patients at Saint Jude’s Hospital. They also hold cultural events such as their Soul Food Sampling on Feb. 18, or their showing of the movie Red Tails on Feb. 28.
Meetings are held Thursdays at 7 PM in the Multi-Cultural Center. It is important to keep in mind that these events are open to everyone, regardless of race, so go out and enjoy getting to learn about a different race and culture.

By Chardonnay Rutherford


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