“If you see it in your mind, you’re going to hold it in your hand,” according to Bob Proctor, one of the many contributors to The Secret, a book based on new, yet old, aged philosophy that encourages its readers to focus on only the positive. Like many of the contributors in the book, Proctor’s thoughts are the basis for the law of the universe, which explains that like attracts like, and by surrounding yourself with good thoughts you, the reader, will be successful at whatever you choose.
According to the many International Speakers and Empowerment Advocates, this philosophy has been around since the beginning of time, and those who are wealthy have always known the key to their success, or those who are truly happy have always known exactly why.
Seems simple enough, but how many of us can really think wealthy thoughts and suddenly become wealthy? Or how many of us can truly concentrate on finding great love and suddenly happen upon it? The philosophy here seems somewhat crazy. However, no one can prove or disprove its teachings. It is a well-known fact that those who think in a positive manner tend to be more successful because happy people are more willing to work hard than unhappy people. Especially if you love what you do.
If we applied these teachings of positive thoughts yielding infinite rewards to the way students view college classes, it could very well be said that those students who are more content in their lives or have a decent situation are more likely to achieve more or work harder to achieve success. Again, this is not saying that thoughts are going to make anything happen without some sort of action. Therefore, it may also be said that with a few more positive attitudes and encouragement among faculty, Kutztown University could be onto something great.
But what about stress? The Secret has the answer for stress and dealing with tough situations as well. Whenever one begins feeling stressed or overwhelmed, they are simply told to make up six or more happy thoughts or places he/she can go to within their mind to distract from the negative thoughts and feelings coinciding with the current situation. One must truly remove themselves in order for this process to work. You can’t halfheartedly believe and expect the universe to change.
Whether you believe in philosophy or other powers at work, it can’t hurt to invest in a new attitude and a new way of dealing with tough crises ahead. No one guarantees a lifetime of happiness or wealth, but one could benefit from the mass amounts of endorphins pumping through one’s body.

By Nadia Saar

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